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5 simple tools to propel your creativity on LinkedIn

5 simple tools to propel your creativity on LinkedIn

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This quote from Einstein is our way to introduce several ways of improving your blue creativity. Without following the same recipe day in, day out.

The thing is, if we are about to start cooking on LinkedIn, there are many ingredients that can enhance our creativity. This advice works both for our profile and our posts. Tasting new dishes, sampling new menus to see what fits our communication style is a good idea. Variety is the spice of life, or so they say.
Let’s have a look at some of these weird but intriguing ingredients available to garnish our blue meals.

Discover the 5 simple tools for more creativity on LinkedIn


Starting with this peculiar one, you need to know that this is a free but very versatile tool. iLoveIMG allows you to work on photographs (changing their size, format, watermark, rotation and so on), as you can see in the menu.

What you might be most interested in, when it comes to adding it to your repertoire, is its ability to create memes. That’s right, exactly as you read. With this feature you may add text to an image, and thereby give prominence to a message (not exclusively to make people smile). Have a look at this example, to see a possible end result:


Let’s move onto another tool. I’m talking about Yaytext. It can be used, as you may have guessed from its name, to format our texts. Useful to either spice things up on our profile sections or to give a modern, cool, vintage or even extravagant touch to our posts (there’s no accounting for taste).
As you can see on its menu, there are multiple font types. We can write any text we want and all that’s left to do is copy-pasting it (with its format), wherever we want it:

Here you have an example from our own posts on Linkedin. Have a go with the options available on the Yaytext palette…


Probably the most popular and better known of the list. Canva provides many and very useful features for LinkedIn. As soon as you go to their website, what’s possible to do with it becomes apparent.

Some suggestions I picked out for you (not requiring the PRO account) are quite simple and immediately useful on LinkedIn. I would recommend you make sure you learn about the designs or infographics. Designs could, for instance, improve the background photo on your profile. Here’s an example:

When it comes to infographics, with Canva you can create an easy to share resource for your posts. This way, they become instantly more visual and full of value. Please find here how to make use of some templates and create great material:


We’re going to move on from writing and drawing now, there’s more to being creative on LinkedIn! TurtleClip gives you the means to garnish your videos. This is a tool with free features whereby you can add subtitles, translations, a progress bar or change the size of the video’s image.

What a great tool for us to edit our own videos. As you can see on their presentation, 85% of videos shared on social media are consumed while muted. Interesting insight, isn’t it?


The last tool on this series is also about working on your visual content. We’re talking about ClipConverted, which allows you to download those videos that you want to keep, when you find them on YouTube or Vimeo, for example.

After finding the video we want, there are some easy steps, as you can see:

When sharing on LinkedIn a previously-downloaded video, you will find that there is a higher number of visualisations. That is not often the case, when the video is hosted externally (on YouTube or Vimeo). Here you can see the example of a post using this tool:

Five tools to enhance our creativity on Linkedin, five ingredients to garnish your blue cocktails on this media. It’s fascinating to see what’s at hand both inside and outside of LinkedIn, so we can be original and continue to #growprofessionally.

Thanks for being there. Let’s stay connected.

By Jorge Suárez

Creador de LinkedGrowing, asesor estratégico en LinkedIn. Creador y Director de La Factoría Azul, el primer podcast sobre LinkedIn para profesionales y empresas. Autor del libro "Ponte en acción en LinkedIn"- Creator of LinkedGrowing, strategic advisor on LinkedIn. Creator and Director of La Factoría Azul, the first podcast about LinkedIn for professionals and companies. Author of the book "Take action on LinkedIn".

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