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LinkedIn disorientation? this updated service will guide you …

LinkedIn disorientation? this updated service will guide you …

Avalanche, madness, distraction, rush, tumult, agglomeration, infoxication … we accept any of these terms in order to describe this overwhelming flood of information that can have a life of its own and flatten us, when managing LinkedIn. Are we looking for a beacon, an SOS point not to get lost among so much information on LinkedIn? How about a bookmark?

How not to get lot on LinkedIn ?

In effect, a simple feature such as a bookmark can come to our rescue in times of managing information on LinkedIn. It can allow us to store any eye-catching content that we find, so that we take our time to consider, at a convenient time, how it fits our professional purposes.

Let’s put ourselves in context. We come onto LinkedIn and we may be reading some posts that interest us, aligned to the topics that we work with. Or we may be considering Job offers, and want to take our time digesting them. Or perhaps we’re having a look at what Learning courses take our fancy or can serve us. Or Services in the Services Marketplace. At any moment, there might be several pages that we want to mark somehow so that we do not lose them in the ‘ocean’ of LinkedIn. The solution? Well, there is at our disposal there is the LinkedIn Bookmark service. Let’s see how it works …

Where it is

We can easily find it on the left-hand side column of our home page:

What we can save

As previously mentioned, anything ranging from Job offers that we find suitable, posts that we have found intriguing, Learning courses that we want to see at a later date or services in Services Marketplace.

Alluring job ads

As simple as making your way to LinkedIn Jobs…

Searching by the filtering criteria most relevant to you (i.e. marketing manager in Madrid)

And you can see the Save button, for those who want to think carefully about their next steps…

Posts of interest

How many times are LinkedIn posts of interest to us? I bet it is often the case. And maybe at that point, we think it would be a good idea to do something more than just a ‘like’ or any quick reaction. Well, we can look for a moment to do just that, by saving the post in our bookmark. How? very easily. In the kebab menu (the three dots) at the top of the post you will find several options. The first will help us …

Courses to view or do

Just recently, the Bookmarks feature has had more options added to it. For those of us with the Learning option activated, don’t forget that we can keep track of any training pills that appeal to us. Let me first remind you where Learning is “hidden” .

Once inside, we simply look for the subject we want to find courses about. For example, I’ve always wanted to know how to make effective presentations. Well, let’s get on with it.

On the left-hand side of such a course, you will find the option to Save. We may have to come back to it, when the time suits us better. Well, this is the way …

Attractive services from Services Marketplace

This revamped service is another feature added to bookmarks. Do you know the Services Marketplace? It is a section that is slowly making strides in LinkedIn. Although it still needs development to be highly valued by freelancers and professionals around the world, it is worth checking out, for possible collaborations.

First things first, let’s remember where we find this section …

And we suggest you have a good look around. If any of the advertised services have caught your eye and you want to study them thoroughly when you have more time, remember to use the Bookmark option for this service as well.

As you can see, there are more and more services that make our lives a little easier on LinkedIn so as not to get lost among so much information. Do not forget, it is very easy to get lost in the largest professional network in the world. For a very good reason: it is also a social network.

Orient yourself with the Bookmark service and your compass on LinkedIn will hardly lose its way. May we long continue exploring in the blue ocean of LinkedIn …

Thanks for being there. Let us stay connected.

By Jorge Suárez

Creador de LinkedGrowing, asesor estratégico en LinkedIn. Creador y Director de La Factoría Azul, el primer podcast sobre LinkedIn para profesionales y empresas. Autor del libro "Ponte en acción en LinkedIn"- Creator of LinkedGrowing, strategic advisor on LinkedIn. Creator and Director of La Factoría Azul, the first podcast about LinkedIn for professionals and companies. Author of the book "Take action on LinkedIn".

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