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TEST: 10 questions to know HOW MUCH you can GROW on LinkedIn

TEST: 10 questions to know HOW MUCH you can GROW on LinkedIn

2 minutes of your time to find out how to make the most of LinkedIn. ¿Deal?

1. WHAT does LinkedIn mean to you? Pick the answer that is the most relevant to your professional life


2. HOW MANY people do you interact with? Indicated by your number of contacts


3. HOW MANY people are interested in YOU? Have a look at the number of views of your profile (in the last 90 days)


4. What do you STRUGGLE the most with, while on LinkedIn? Reflect on what stops you from taking advantage of it


5. Do you have something to TELL on LinkedIn? Have a look at how many times have you published, posted, commented, recommended and shared during the last 7 days


6. What do you spend your TIME on, while on LinkedIn? Tell us your most frequent activity


7.  What are you currently STRIVING for, from a professional standpoint? Your goal


8. Do you engage with professional GROUPS? That can be measured by the number of groups you belong to


9. How many pending invitations do you have? Either received or sent


10.  With what A TEAM character do you identify yourself? NB: each one has his own modus operandi on LinkedIn


By Jorge Suárez

Creador de LinkedGrowing, asesor estratégico en LinkedIn. Creador y Director de La Factoría Azul, el primer podcast sobre LinkedIn para profesionales y empresas. Autor del libro "Ponte en acción en LinkedIn"- Creator of LinkedGrowing, strategic advisor on LinkedIn. Creator and Director of La Factoría Azul, the first podcast about LinkedIn for professionals and companies. Author of the book "Take action on LinkedIn".

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