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Are you looking for a job, launching an entrepreneurial project, changing jobs. These are different situations when professionals can benefit from the full potential of LinkedIn. We help you to work this network strategically to get closer to your OBJECTIVES. Take action and become a professional also in managing LinkedIn.

It is not simple but, with strategy and effort, you can achieve it. Our method can help you. Get to know LinkedStrategy


We propose a process of practical advice on LinkedIn with a precise methodology adapted to your professional objectives

What will you get?

  • An optimised profile, ATTRACTIVE and SELLABLE, which will be your professional showcase
  • A discernible PERSONAL BRAND
  • An action plan to find and manage your current and future NETWORK of contacts
  • An overview of all the SINERGY opportunities offered by LinkedIn
  • Learn how to use all basic and premium LinkedIn TOOLS
  • Interact, publish on LinkedIn achieving the highest possible ENGAGEMENT
  • Find out about the COMMERCIAL options that LinkedIn provide
  • Design a CUSTOMIZED STRATEGY on LinkedIn with the Link Canvas tool
  • PLAN your effort and investment in a specific time frame, aligned to your professional objectives
  • Execution of the consulting process in FACE-TO-FACE / ONLINE format (as applicable)


We help you grow on LinkedIn with a personalized strategy for you. Shall we start?

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