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Workshops, Master Classes, Lectures. Different formats, same objective: to transfer the potential of LinkedIn to the largest possible number of recipients. Many entities can leverage these options through actions to promote employment and improve their financial results. If you are want to ENHANCE how you use LinkedIn in an enjoyable and practical way we need to talk.

These are our formulas for organisations:


What will you get?

  • A perfect complement to the programming of DAYS, FORUMS and FAIRS for employment, entrepreneurship or innovation.
  • Bring the possibilities of LinkedIn to your community in a PRACTICAL WAY
  • Find out how to work daily in this network and achieve tangible PROFESSIONAL RESULTS
  • A format ADAPTED to your target group
  • Awaken interest in LinkedIn with easily replicable STRATEGIES and TIPS.


What will you get?

  • Intensive training to learn how to DEVELOP in LinkedIn and to work with it as another work tool
  • Learn how to set up a SELLABLE PROFILE, not just an attractive one
  • Know all the POSSIBILITIES that the LinkedIn tools offer us
  • TIPS and ADVICE on other tools that complement LinkedIn to be agile in our management
  • A personalised STRATEGY for action on LinkedIn with the Link Canvas tool
  • Content and duration ADAPTED to the target group


What will you get?

  • An INNOVATIVE format to learn the possibilities and results offered by LinkedIn
  • A team of professionals who will transfer their way of working on LinkedIn. And most importantly: HOW they get results
  • A day full of WORK, NETWORKING and creation of professional synergies
  • A PRACTICAL and DIVULGATIVE format to make the most of the day
  • A "NON-STOP" AGENDA with a common denominator: the potential of LinkedIn

Tell us your needs at LinkedIn and we will look for the format that suits you best

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