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Jorge Suárez González

Daily management of LinkedIn: using this network as a tool in my day-to-day work has enabled me to achieve a lot of professional results (my work as sales manager for Enviroo.com, numerous clients and partnerships and a high level of personal visibility). Thanks to this continuous work in the professional network, I have developed a working methodology in LinkedIn that can be extrapolated to professionals, companies and entities to help them take advantage of the possibilities that this network offers.

As a complement to this management in LinkedIn I have given birth to several professional projects. From the Being More Professional initiative, the genesis of this LinkedGrowing project, to the creation of the book "Take Action on LinkedIn", a manual of strategies and reflections to get the most out of LinkedIn, or the LinkedDay initiative, a dynamic day to exploit all the professional synergies of this network.

This is how my idea of LinkedGrowing was born, a tool to grow professionally, to grow in LinkedIn and its possibilities.

Maybe some video will illustrate you about my work around LinkedIn and professionals...

Or maybe you prefer to read more in detail some illustrative book to activate in LinkedIn...

Some examples of where, with whom and for what audience I am working with LinkedIn and all its potential...

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