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Rubén Prada Urdaneta

With more than 12 years working in the area of human resources and people management. He has been in charge of internal company human resources departments, and in recent years has specialized in recruitment consultancy and talent development through executive and team training and coaching.

A philosopher with a university education, he has found in coaching a way to put into practice all the potential of the philosophy, helping people in their professional development and companies to form teams to achieve success. As a Headhunter, he specializes in management, middle management and technical positions in the engineering, architecture, automotive, logistics and technology startup sectors. For this purpose, he uses LinkedIn as his fundamental working tool.

It is committed to the development of management models based on trust and on the autonomy gained and evaluated by the teams, the continuous improvement of processes and complete digitalisation to eliminate low added value tasks; with a further commitment to business models that are sustainable both financially and humanly, in the circular economy and industry 4.0.

Some examples of where, with whom and for what audience I am working with LinkedIn and all its potential...

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